Opportunity To Forgive

What does Forgiveness mean to you?

Well for me I think forgiveness is understanding the other persons perspective and having some empathy for what they are going through and understanding that they may not have realised what an impact they were having you on. But I have never been the sort of person who subscribes to Forgive and Forget, I am sorry if that makes me seem harsh or mean, but I think you have to remember when you have been wronged or hurt otherwise you will allow yourself to be hurt again by the same person in the same way. I think, no I know that I can forgive those who have hurt but I can never and will never forget what they done and how it hurt me, it is locked away in a little part of my soul and it gets re-opened when and if you ever hurt me again, and there is a limit of how much I can put in that area and when that area is overflowing and unable to be locked then you will be removed from my life. For me the positive has to outweigh the negative, if you have hurt me or let me down once, but you have made me smile and filled my life with 90% of the time then I take that into encounter when I am thinking about forgiveness.

For me Forgiveness isn’t something that everyone deserves, I am under the idea that there are certain actions that can never be forgiven, if you physically, emotional, verbally or spiritually abuse me, then there is no coming back from those actions. Speaking as someone who survived bullying growing up, I understand that those people who were making my life a living hell during my school years, where going through own issues and didn’t have the right tools to deal with what was happening around them and to make themselves feel better they had to put someone else down. I can understand that now, and I have sympathy for them, and as an adult I understand that I should forgive what they have done because it made me stronger and it helped make me the person I am, but until the day I meet them again and they apologise for their actions and admit to the damage they caused I will not be granting them forgiveness. I think something to remember is that you don’t have to forgive someone who has wronged you, you have the right to be angry and to not want to be around that person anymore. But I think something I am realising as I am writing this is, that the longer you hold onto a pain the deeper that negative pit in your stomach grows. So I think this is my solution, I will put forgiveness into the universe and I will us it to let go of the hurt that is so hard to forgive and I will forgive myself and I will give myself a chance to breath and to start again with an open and clear mind, body, soul and heart.

Today is the day to start the day with a clear mind and a clear heart, it is time to get rid of all the negative energy that has been taking up so much room in your heart and soul. The time has come to forgive yourself and to forgive the universe for any wrongs that you perceive have been done to you. Put the aura of forgiveness out into the world and be happy that you are no longer willing to play the victim to someone else’s negativity. Take back your power and shout out to the universe that you will starting today make a stand and you will control your life and how gets to have an impact on you



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