Welcome to Inner Energies.


Your own Inner Energies have lead you to this blog at this time for a specific reason and I am so glad that you are here.

Before we go any further on our journey together, I will tell you a little about myself and why this blog exists in the first place.

Firstly, my name is Rachael, and I have always had a strong connection to everything spiritual in a non-traditional way, and that reflects in every aspect of my life. From a young age I would spend my pocket money buying charms and crystals from a local stockist and as I have grown in age, I now spend my money on crystals, Tarot Decks, Oracle Decks, or whatever calls out to me whilst wandering around numerous local stockists.

Secondly and most importantly, why does this blog exist and what will it provide. This blog exists for a simple reason: I need a safe place to share my talents and thoughts with the world, I want this blog to be a place where you can come to escape the daily grind or find some insight into a problem, or perhaps just an opportunity to see the world in a slightly different way. What will this blog provide: Blog Posts- which will cover a variety of topics, and will express a different way of looking at things, there will be blog posts that are based of life experiences, questions that have been asked and topics or thoughts that have been brought up by Tarot/Oracle or Crystal Readings I have done. On the topic of Spiritual Readings this Blog will also have a designated area for Tarot/Oracle and Crystal Readings, So if you are feeling drawn to them you can find them in the menu bar.

Lastly, the big dream for this blog, is for it to be interactive, please let me know when you read something that resonates with you, let me know if you want a specific topic or trend blogged about, looking for a personal reading contact me and we can arrange it. The more interaction the better, feel free to jump across to our Facebook and Instagram pages which are linked in the footer.


Love and Light

Inner Energies

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